Non- Destructive Digging

NDD is an excavation technology that using a mix of highly pressurised water and air to dig out dirt and reveal subsurface assets such as gas lines, water pipelines, cables, and so on. To reduce the danger of future damage, technology is utilised to map the subterranean utilities on the site from the beginning.

CSA Specialised Services provide a competent and efficient approach to vacuum excavation and have the ideal equipment for your project. We have a fleet of specialised hydro excavation trucks in various sizes and configurations and extensive experience and expertise in the hydro excavation sector.

Non-destructive digging uses a combination of a high-pressure vacuum and high-pressure water to clear the area safely and effectively with less mess than traditional excavation, which uses mechanical methods and machines to dig up the earth to expose the underground area, potentially damaging tree roots and underground services.

Vacuum excavation is widely used for utility installations (including telecommunications), pipe installs and replacements, and waste removal on both private and public land since it can remove liquid, fine particles, and heavy debris.

Some of the advantages of this method of digging are:

  • Reduce the risk of damaging underground assets and utilities
  • Save money with little manpower or heavy equipment
  •  Only use high-pressure water and powerful air vacuum
  • Increase accuracy for higher precision and less restoration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces the number of workforce injuries and accidents
Non Destructive Digging truck
CSA-Specialised-Services non destructive digging

CSA Specialised Services team provide a competent and efficient approach to vacuum excavation and have the ideal equipment for your project.

Applications of Hydro Excavation

NDD can be utilised in any terrain or location, The majority of the ground in cities has already been excavated when the city was built, and the ground is ideal for excavating using hydro excavation trucks.

Hydro excavation is used to expose subsurface utilities and cables. In this regard, hydro excavation is often used for applications including:

  • Excavating the semi-solid material
  • Tree planting
  • Pruning and Removing Trees
  • Excavating around underground utilities
  • Trenching

Hydro Excavation Truck

Both drain cleaning and excavation can be done with hydro excavation trucks. Please see below as summery of our hydro excavation trucks specifications:

  • High volume storage tank varies on truck but can range in size from 60001t up to 120001t.
  • Water tank up to 4000
  • High volume suction hose approx. (4-6) inch diameter up to 2450cfm.
  • Hydraulic boom to access hard to reach areas.
  • High pressure water hoses up to 4000psi for blasting away dirt, clay, mud, soil along with many other surface types.
  • Rear opening door for discharge.

Hydro Excavation Costs

In general, the cost of hydro excavation depends on many factors including waste disposal requirements, ground conditions, and asset locations.
The prices are calculated based on hourly rates and a minimum of 4 hours is applicable. The small hydro vacuum truck prices start from $230 per hour plus GST with one operator. If the job requires a bigger truck and more operators, it may cost more.