Hydro Demolition

Hydro-demolition is a method of concrete removal that uses high-pressure water jets to break down and remove concrete from a structure while leaving steel reinforcement intact. Utilising a specialised nozzle operated either manually or through a robotic arm, this technique proves its versatility by efficiently tackling extensive concrete areas, reaching even the tightest and most challenging spaces. 

At CSA, we are committed to deliver the best results to our valued clients. Our unwavering objective is to attain the highest level of service excellence without compromising the safety and well-being of our dedicated employees, subcontractors, the public, or the environment.

Capability of High Pressure Water Blasting

CSA cover a wide spectrum of industrial needs, from groundbreaking 3D Tank Cleaning Head technology that eliminates the need for confined space entry, to the expertise in Hydro-Demolition, both manual and automated, ensuring top-notch results.

We excel in both automated and manual Tube Bundle Cleaning and Pipe Cleaning, providing thorough and efficient solutions. Additionally, our proficiency in Coating Removal and Surface Preparation ensures that your projects are prepared to the highest standards.


Hydro Demolition Application in Tank and Vessel Cleaning

Our specialised tank cleaning head rotates 360 degrees inside the vessel or tank, providing a thorough wall-to-wall clean without the need for confined space entry. This method not only ensures superior tank and vessel cleaning but also inherently prioritises safety and efficiency, eliminating the risks associated with conventional entry.

Unlock Our Expertise: Specialising in Hydro Demolition Services - Dive into Our Latest CSA Project and Explore Our Comprehensive Tank and Vessel Cleaning Solutions.

Surface preparation

High Pressure water blasting is a fast and effective way to remove rust, epoxy, paint, dirt, rubber, oil or any other hard to remove substances without damaging the steal from which the unwanted product is cleaned. Removing all unwanted materials is crucial before industrial coatings can be applied. CSA has perfected this process and can provide solutions to all surface preparation requirements.

Hydro Demolition cleaning solution

Heat Exchanger and Pipework Cleaning

Our use of the advanced Peinemann flex lance system enables our operators to conduct thorough and safe cleaning of internal tubes, along with meticulous high-pressure washing of all surrounding surfaces. The innovative design of the spinning heads on our equipment ensures an effective cleaning process that preserves the structural integrity of the tubes.

Our revolutionary spinning heads on flex lances ensure a thorough clean without tube damage. Using high-pressure water is the most effective way to eliminate scale and fouling, restoring heat exchangers to peak efficiency.

CSA leads the industry with high-pressure pumps ranging from 1000Bar to 2500Bar, coupled with flow rates from 34 LPM to 212 LPM. Our commitment to solution-driven technology ensures optimal results for our clients