CCTV Inspections

CCTV drain survey provides a visual inspection of drainage conditions by sending specialised camera equipment into a drainage system to determine the source of a problem. Rather than digging which is intrusive, costly, and time-consuming, the CCTV survey uses a high-definition camera to identify blockages, leaks, scale build-ups, or any other problem, allowing our team to understand the problem fully. Drain surveys are performed by qualified people who have received extensive training to offer accurate drain inspections.

CSA Specialised Services offers comprehensive CCTV drain survey and clean-up services. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest technology and techniques to identify and diagnose any issues within your drainage system.

We use closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to inspect the inside of your drains, sewers, and pipelines, providing a detailed report of the condition of your drainage system, including any blockages, cracks, or damage that may be present.

Our CCTV drainage survey reports contain images of damage, video footage, and a map of the drain locations. We provide detailed drain survey results that can outline the best course of action for your drainage system. 

CCTV Equipment
Industrial Waste CCTV inspection services

Applications of CCTV Cameras & Surveys

All of our CCTV drain survey equipment is purpose-built for CCTV surveys, ensuring that we provide the finest video footage and drain survey report possible. Some of the applications of CCTV inspection include:

  • Ground movement causing damage to your drainage pipes
  • Tree & plant roots that can invade and penetrate drains
  • Excessive use, including wear and tear from prolonged use over time
  • External & varying ground pressures
  • Damage caused by pressure as a result of blockages in the pipes
  • Misplaced joints can result in leaks and damage to pipe structure
  • Collapsed drains can dramatically weaken the integrity of the pipe system

Benefits of CCTV Cameras & Surveys

A CCTV assessment of drains offers both accuracy and convenience for drainage system experts, as well as owners of homes or businesses that have drains in their buildings. CCTV scans drains using a live feed, which enables a visual examination of drainage issues. This saves the inconvenience of excavating in places that are not accessible to remedy the drain malfunction, which may be a time-consuming and laborious process. Some of the benefits of using CCTV inspection are:


  • The faster method to diagnose the condition of drains and pipelines
  • The high level of accuracy of the diagnosis
  • Cost-effective method of inspection due o the speed and accuracy of CCTV camera diagnosis 
  • The best solution to plumbing and drainage system breakdowns
  • Requires no excavation
  • Real-time results and reporting

CCTV Equipment Features

CSA provides several different CCTV vans and cameras, each of which has a particular set of capabilities. Pipe inspections, pipe repairs, laser profiling, unclogging, and other related tasks are some of the many applications for our CCTV cameras. Every inspection may be tailored to meet the needs that are specific to your organisation.


Some of the specifications of our CCTV equipment include:


  • Camera range: 50mm to 2400mm.
  • Cable length: up to 500m.
  • Built-in sonde to assist in locating defects and connections.
  • WinCan report
  • Hard copy reports & custom USB flash drive.

CCTV Survey Costs

The cost of CCTV inspection services depends on various factors such as location and the specifics of the project. Typically, prices are based on hourly rates, and there may be a minimum charge. The cost for CCTV inspections can vary from small to large projects and typically start from $195 per hour plus GST.

Contact us for a more detailed and accurate quote for your specific project needs. Trust us to be there for you when you need us the most, with our comprehensive and reliable CCTV inspection services.